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Math Students Compete Online

Math in CyberspaceThe web-based, real-time American Math Challenge, set for October 26 and 27, lets students from across the U.S. compete against each other. It’s open to either individual K-12 students or entire schools and classes. Students from schools that register at least 20 pupils are eligible for prizes.

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Feature: Corporate Connections

Hawthorne Students with Electric Plane at Northrop CompetitionHawthorne Math and Science Academy in Los Angeles is challenging the notion that inner city schools are too beset with urban problems to succeed. And, it’s doing so with help from major corporations. “It’s all about future workforce development!” says a Northrup Grumman coordinator.

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FCC to Overhaul E-Rate Program

Working on a ComputerSchools and public libraries in poor and rural communities may soon get a faster and lower-cost way to hook up to the Internet as part of an overhaul of the federal E-Rate program. An anticipated FCC order would let them use federal dollars to buy unused communications lines.

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Program: The STEM Academy

STEM AcademyThe STEM Academy is a national non-profit education program designed to improve STEM literacy for students. The curriculum prepares students through comprehensive student assessment including traditional tests, project-based learning presentations, and portfolios. The Academy also offers a grant fund for high schools.

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Outreach: STOMP from Tufts University

Students Work Together in STOMPThe Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP) at Tufts University partners Tufts University students with K-12 teachers in the greater Boston, Mass. area to create an engineering curriculum that reaches across all disciplines, peaks the students’ interests in engineering, and improves the students’ problem-solving skills. Teacher resources such as class activities, full units, a list of websites, and grant information are also available.

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Outreach: Purdue College of Science

Purdue K-12 Science Outreach ProgramPurdue’s College of Science K-12 Outreach program provides professional development programs for teachers, forms long term partnerships with school districts, and presents activities for students. It also offers class visits, curricular programs, laboratory equipment, and other activities aimed at the improvement of science and math education.

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Website: National Defense Education Program

NDEPThe Department of Defense’s National Defense Education Program has a number of different services and programs available to teachers and students. The website offers online videos, a search engine for local labs, news, teacher resources, and more. It is divided up into portals for scientists/engineers, teachers, and students respectively.

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Resource: Math & Science Partnerships Grant Websites

Department of EducationThe Dept. of Education Math and Science Partnerships (MSP) program gives out grants that support partnerships between the mathematics, science, and/or engineering faculty of institutions of higher education and high-need K-12 school districts. The program’s goal is to increase student achievement through increasing teachers’ content knowledge and pedagogical skills. As a resource, the MSP program maintains a comprehensive archive of websites and programs created around the grants, search-able by location.

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Website: National Lab Day

National Lab Day ActivityThe National Lab Day (NLD) website not only represents a nationwide initiative to foster ongoing collaborations among volunteers, students, and educators, but also provides an extensive, search-able list of educational resources, an archive of community and academic projects, and a directory of events.

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