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cover eGFI single page smallTeachers and students across the country have been writing in with comments on eGFI — telling us what they most enjoy, and how they put the magazine and Website to use. We’re delighted with the feedback. If you’ve devised interesting ways to teach and learn with eGFI, please let us know!

What Educators Are Saying:

“I am so appreciative that I received this package of engaging materials that are also really effective. While completing the activities from the package, many students were overheard saying ‘Engineering is awesome!’ I also had several students come up to me after one of these activities and say […] ‘Wow! I didn’t know engineers did so much! They’re so cool. I want to be an engineer when I grow up.’”

— Kerry McNaughton, Science Specialist, Spangler Elementary School, Milpitas, CA

“I LOVE the eGFI website!  The program focus of our school is engineering.  However, incoming freshmen sometimes don’t see how engineering can fit into their lives.  At the beginning of each year, our students take the Kuder Interest Survey to see what career fields they might be interested in.  Once they have been given their top three fields,  I have them go on to the eGFI website to look at the various engineering jobs that match up with those career fields.  They are amazed at the variety of engineering fields which exist and surprised when they find one to match their interests.  I constantly tell them that “no matter what you are interested in, there is almost always an engineering field that can match up to it.”   In engineering, they can find a job which will provide them with higher pay, more job security, and a more satisfying profession than they usually can find in a general pursuit of that career.   The layout of the website, in the playing card format, is very engaging to them.  The information found on each card is written in an interesting and helpful way.  I especially like the insight given from someone who is currently working in a given engineering field.”

— Pamela Truesdell, Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow, National Science Foundation

“As a middle school teacher, this is the VERY BEST magazine and website I’ve seen on engineering. It is highly interesting, motivational, and creates student interest. I plan to use the magazine each class for a 5-minute warmup activity when the students arrive. The articles are laid out such that we can do 2 pages a day.”

— Donald Todd, Teacher, Tabb Middle School, Yorktown, VA

“I love this website and the magazine!  I will be using ideas to foster an awareness of engineering careers within my Technology Education classes with my middle school students!”

—Susan M. Holland, PhD, NBCT, Presidential Distinguished Teacher, STEM Education

“I am the current state chair for the Florida Engineering Society K-12 Engineering Outreach Committee and we are very glad that Engineering Go For It exists.  We have over a thousand of your magazines and we reference your website on all of our school visits.  Please keep up the great work.”

— Michael J. Davis, PE, DBIA , Associate Vice President / PBS&J

“I teach high school and some Introduction to Engineering classes including some from Project Lead the Way. Your web site and magazine are perfect for our career research work. The web site really gets the students involved. Thank You!!!”

— ­Mrs. Goldman, teacher, Cordova High School, Rancho Cordova, CA

“What a great magazine. Best thing I’ve seen in years. I’m looking forward to sharing the information with my middle school technology (STEM) students. Thank you!”

— John, teacher, Indiantown Middle School, Indiantown, FL

“What a fantastic resource.  I just received a copy of eGFI through your ITEA teacher mailer and I am really excited about getting a copy of the magazine into the hands of my students.  You all should be commended for the great work you are doing.  As a high school teacher, I know teenagers!  Both the website and magazine will be very appealing to them.  Great work!”

— Jana Schmidt, teacher, Johnson City, TX

“eGFI is just right… Quick to read for some topics and all of the tools needed to delve into a topic of interest.  I recommend this to all of my teachers.”

— Ms. Sniffin,  Principal,  Monroe CT

“Thank you so much for your website. I am a new teacher, teaching 4th-6th grade science so I need LOTS of ideas. This is the first website I visit when I am looking for cool activities and ideas. I have shared this link with all my teacher friends! THANK YOU!”

— Ms. Mac, San Francisco

“I have received your newsletter for nearly a year now and absolutely love it.  Students have actually shown so much interest in the magazine that many have read the entire published newsletter and gone on to explore the website.  EGFI is an excellent accompaniment for any STEM classroom.  Thank you.

Jim, Buffalo, NY

“This is the greatest e-newsletter I receive as a teacher. I run a network of GEMS (Girls Excelling in Math and Science) clubs here in Northern VA and a week doesn’t go by that I don’t find something very cool to do with the girls. Thanks!”

— Laura, Virginia

“I am currently a high school teacher who is teaching engineering and green technology.  This website has great sources of cutting edge information that can catch students interest as well as mine!”

— Katherine, San Diego, CA

“I lovelovelove this magazine! I share it with young people, especially young women, all of the time! Keep up the good work…and pressure other professional communities to make things this good! :)”

— Marya Spont, Community Liaison and Outreach Coordinator for Undergraduate Admission, Illinois Institute of Technology

“I really love this newsletter!!! It has helped me connect students to engineering at their interest level!! Love the career connections, too! Thank You!”

— Ms. Donna Hunt, 7th Grade Science/STEM Academy teacher at Texas Middle School, Texarkana, TX

“Engineering, Go For It materials are very well done and a good fit for teaching STEM in an elementary or middle school.”

— Bob Claymier, Technology Is Elementary

“I just discovered this awesome engineering website!  I’m an Academic Advisor at a T-STEM in San Antonio, TX. Thanks!

— Monique A. Broadnax

“I love your website and can’t wait to read more about what you do.  I’m a third grade teacher in Utah and would like to incorporate some of your ideas into my upcoming class! Thanks!

— Leslie Stilson

“I look forward to receiving your newsletters.  I have reviewed your complete web site and I must say, it as good as the “”BEST”” and better than the rest!

— Very best regards, faz (retired aerospace engineer)”

“I am starting a STEM program in a 4th and 5th grade center and your website is an invaluable tool for a teacher developing their own STEM curriculum!”

Amy Loeffelhol

“I have enjoyed the eGFI site and have found lesson plans that fit nicely into our curriculum.”

— Leslie Wiechens, The Cornerstone School

“As the Principal of Central Islip Senior High School, I look forward to “dreaming” with you about the future for students attending my high school and in my District.”

— Dr. Franklin N. Caesar/Principal

“Thank you for all the great project ideas for HS teachers!”

— Kathy Mirakovits

What Students Are Saying:

“This is awesome a magazine all about engineering. Thank you for taking an interest in students and helping us succeed. I read the magazine and it just got me more excited to become a mechanical engineer so please don’t stop making these magazines.” — Jehziel, Connecticut

“I’d just like to say that your website and your magazine really helped me out in figuring out, or getting a good idea of what I want to do after I graduate (high school). I’ve always really liked math and science, and I’ve wanted to be an engineer, but I never knew what type of engineer. So lately, I’ve been interested in biomedical, and you’ve helped me stick with it. Thank you =)” —Flora, Boston

“I’m a Junior in high school, looking into engineering careers. This is a great website with some valuable information!” — Geena, Virginia

“This site has help me figure out what field of engineering i want to get involved in. thanks” —Angelo

“I’m already planning on majoring in engineering, but this website provides good information if I have any questions. Also, the illustration and design of the website and magazine is fantastic! Thanks for making a great resource for potential engineers like me!” —Deborah, Iowa

“I love your site. I am very interested in becoming an engineer; I have found your site to be very informative and helpful as I learn more about what I have to do in order to obtain my desired career.” —Taylor, St.George, Utah

“Thanks for the engineering chance; I can’t wait to become an aerospace/astronautical engineer!!!!” Nikki, California

“This is an excellent find. I am a Ph.D. student in the Engineering Education department at Purdue University and have a very strong research interest in K-12 Engineering. Please consider me your new biggest fan! Great job.” —Jeremi, West Lafayette, IN

“More people need to “Like” eGFI [on facebook], the information they give on new technologies is inspiring!” —Keegan Holschen “So True! I’ll never regret landing on this page!” –Sharmain San

“I really like engineering. I went to a class on it and loved it. I will check often to find out more!” — Mikala

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