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Program: The STEM Academy

STEM AcademyThe STEM Academy is a national non-profit education program designed to improve STEM literacy for students. The rigorous and comprehensive curriculum was collaboratively developed by K-12 teachers, university educators, industry partners, and engineering and biomedical professionals. It prepares students to be competent, capable citizens in a technology-dependent society through comprehensive student assessment including traditional tests, project-based learning presentations, and portfolios. The program is focused on standard-based foundations, gender awareness, socio-economic concerns, and general learner needs to engage all learners. It develops an engineering pipeline by featuring a mainline education approach that provides STEM education to students.

The Academy’s STEM Corporate Matching Grant Fund allows high schools to apply to receive matching funds for the establishment of The STEM Academy Tier One or Foundation courses. Foundation courses include Introduction to Engineering, 3D Solid Modeling, Design for Manufacturing, Architecture + Construction Management featuring Green Methods, and a capstone course for Principles of Engineering.

The STEM Corporate Matching Grant Fund was established on September 15, 2010 for public, private, and charter high schools that want to 1) improve traditional under-represented minority student participation and growth, 2) increase student attendance and graduation rates, 3) and improve instructor and principal effectiveness.

School districts are eligible for up to $50,000.00 in matching funds grant awards over a three-year term. High schools must commit to utilizing courses for stand-alone purposes or show integration into traditional academic courses. High schools would also be encouraged to participate in a national study by reporting student outcomes that are captured by the STEM Academy Learning Management System. The captured data will be utilized for continuous program improvement and student improvement validation.

School districts interested in qualifying for the STEM Grant must:

  • Register at;
  • Submit a letter of intent to implement the program on school letter head and signed by the District Superintendent; and
  • Submit school report card data for the previous academic school year.

Submittals should be emailed to

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