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Visualize STEM

Thermagram handIn this lesson, high school students learn the value of writing and art in science and engineering by designing visual diagrams to communicate the results of thermal conductivity (heat flow) experiments they have conducted to anyone with little background on the subject. The principles of visual design include contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity, and involve such elements as the use of lines, color, texture, shape, size, value, and space.

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Feature: Great Communication Key to Success

letter-eCould an approach developed to help deaf and hearing-impaired undergraduates overcome educational disadvantages work for anyone–including mainstream K-12 students who struggle with reading and math? Scott Bellinger, an instructor at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf, America’s only technical college for the deaf and hard-of-hearing, thinks so.

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New App Aids Class Participation

Using an AppEver stumble with students’ names? Or struggle to perk up class participation? Most schools view cellphones as disruptive nuisances, but a new iPhone app called Pikme could turn them into powerful tools for educators.

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Digital Books Attract Young Readers

Reading from an Amazon KindleParents and teachers fear that children are reading less because of the plethora of available digital entertainments. Could electronic devices be used to encourage reading? Possibly, says a new study released by publisher Scholastic.

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FCC to Overhaul E-Rate Program

Working on a ComputerSchools and public libraries in poor and rural communities may soon get a faster and lower-cost way to hook up to the Internet as part of an overhaul of the federal E-Rate program. An anticipated FCC order would let them use federal dollars to buy unused communications lines.

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