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Feature: Low Cost, High Impact

salad-spinnerIn many poor, rural areas of the world, scourges like malaria, HIV/AIDS, and malnutrition are endemic. Blood tests for anemia are a quick way to diagnose them, but it can take days to get results back from hospitals many miles away. Last year, a multidisciplinary team of Rice University undergraduates devised a clever solution: It’s a centrifuge fashioned from a common salad spinner.

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New Study on Girls in Engineering to Begin

Girls in EngineeringFewer than 18 percent of engineering undergrads are female. In an attempt to find the best ways to bring more women to the field, Arizona State University (ASU) education specialist Tirupalavanam Ganesh will soon begin a study of sixth grade girls as they explore hands-on learning experiences focused on engineering.

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Website: Experiments from Cornell

classroom2The Cornell Center for Materials Research offers excellent education resources for teachers, including Lending Library of Experiments, with science and engineering lesson plans and activity sheets. Teachers in the area can borrow kits associated with these activities, free of charge, and arrange classroom and lab visits for their students.

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Tufts Loans Lab Equipment to Schools

Tufts University Dana LaboratoryTufts university will loan state-of-the-art lab equipment to four Boston area high schools, to help support better lab instruction and to hook kids on science inquiry.

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Outreach: STOMP from Tufts University

Students Work Together in STOMPThe Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP) at Tufts University partners Tufts University students with K-12 teachers in the greater Boston, Mass. area to create an engineering curriculum that reaches across all disciplines, peaks the students’ interests in engineering, and improves the students’ problem-solving skills. Teacher resources such as class activities, full units, a list of websites, and grant information are also available.

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Event: Youth in Technology Summit, Maryland, Nov. 13

Youth in Technology SummitThe College of Southern Maryland’s 3rd Annual Youth in Technology Summit, a day complete with technology demonstrations, STEM workshops, building trades, college and technical school planning, career development, networking, and more, will be held on November 13, 2010.

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Outreach: California STEM Careers Program

California State University-ChicoFive California State Universities have received a Learn and Serve America Higher Education grant totaling $1.5 million from The Corporation for National and Community Service. The grant is based on California State University-San Bernardino’s CoyoteCareers program. It will fund a new program, “STEM SQUARED,” which will support service learning in STEM disciplines, as well as academic support, career skills training, and networking opportunities.

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Carnegie Mellon Offers “Hard Fun” Robotics

Young Students Work with RoboticsThanks to a $7 million government grant, Carnegie Mellon University’s Fostering Innovation through Robotics Exploration (FIRE) program is giving kids hands-on experience with robots. The researchers hope to combat a national decline in the number of college students majoring in science, engineering, and math.

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Outreach: Carnegie Mellon Robotics Program

Carnegie Mellon Robotics ProgramCarnegie Mellon’s new Fostering Innovation through Robotics Exploration (FIRE) program, a DARPA-backed effort to increase middle and high schoolers’ interest in STEM and computer science, will support the creation of programs such as game-like virtual worlds where robot programs can be tested and computerized tutors that teach mathematics and computer science in the context of robotics.

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