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Elementary and Secondary Education Act Watch

ESEA Watch

Congress is finally taking up the Elementary and Secondary Education Act – a.k.a No Child Left Behind – reauthorization after several years’ delay, and the outcome will affect every public school district, principal, teacher, and student in the country. Follow the debate on ESEA Watch.

07/18/11 Chief State School Officers Seek Waivers, Ability to Set Own Accountability

07/03/11 Is ESEA D.O.A. in House?

06/05/11 Testing Movement Reaps Few Gain – National Research Council study of test-based accountability.

05/15/11 House Opens Bidding on ESEA with Series of Bills

04/03/11 Don’t Weaken Law, Civil Rights Leaders Urge Congress

03/22/11 Obama Calls for Overhaul of NCLB

03/20/11 Cheating to the Test? USA Today’s investigation of high percentages of wrong-to-right erasures on NCLB-mandated tests.

03/13/11 Most Schools May Fail NCLB

03/07/11 GAO: ESEA Reauthorization Could Reduce Overlap, Save Money

02/06/11: House Holds Hold First Hearing on ESEA Reauthorization

02/07/11: Poll Shows Americans Favor Revisions To No Child Left Behind

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