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Eyes in the Skies

Texas A&M hurricane Harvey drone surveyAfter Hurricane Harvey inundated Houston with historic rains, engineering researchers Texas A&M University offered a quick, inexpensive way to survey the damage. They deployed drones – lots of them – in the biggest squadron ever used in an official disaster response.

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Teen Invents New Hurricane Damage Model

Alice Jiang and JPL's Jonathan Jiang hurricane damage modelersAlice Zhai’s curiosity about Hurricane Sandy’s destructiveness led to an outstanding high school science fair project – and a collaboration with a NASA scientist that produced a journal paper outlining a new statistical model for better predicting the economic damage from big storms.

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Amazing Grace

Grace HopperRear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper was the first woman to earn a Ph.D. in mathematics from Yale, pioneered computer programming languages, discovered the first computer “bug,” and retired as the Navy’s highest ranking, longest-serving female officer in history. They even named a naval destroyer after her.

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States with World-Class STEM

raised hands in classroomFor years, America’s leaders have decried the poor showing of American students on international comparisons of math and science skills. But a new Department of Education report finds that many states outperform their global peers, including top STEM achiever Massachusetts.

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States Form STEMx Network

stemxWhat does quality STEM teaching and learning look like? Where can teachers find resources? STEMx, a just-launched collaboration of 13 state STEM education networks developed by Battelle, offers a way for everyone from educators to policymakers to parents to share proven STEM techniques and tools.

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Pow! Comics Take on STEM

aero and space NASAAlbert Einstein is no Caped Crusader. But as a comic book, his theory of relativity can pack as much punch as any superhero–at least in Japan, where students have learned math and science from manga (comic books) for decades. Now, a U.S. publisher has translated a host of these STEM comics, giving English readers access to manga versions of subjects ranging from calculus to biochemisty and yes, relativity.

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Next Generation Science Standards Unveiled

illustration1Engineering rarely rates more than a passing nod in most K-12 science programs. A new report from the National Research Council could change that. Its sweeping recommendations for “next generation” science standards put engineering on a par with physics and other disciplines as key to meeting society’s most pressing problems while helping citizens make informed daily decisions.

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Green Roof Resources

green-roof-resources-thumbThese references and resources were initially developed for presentations at the Central PA STEM Conference and the 2011 ASEE K12 Workshop, which included a presentation focused on the green-roof lesson on the eGFI website.

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Many STEM Teachers Lack Majors

Magic BusTeacher layoffs nationwide threaten to make a bad STEM education situation worse, as more educators must cover subjects they are not certified to teach. A new survey by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) found that fewer than half the chemistry and physical science teachers in public high schools had degrees in those fields, with about 30 percent lacking certification in those subjects.

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