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Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop, New Haven, Conn.

SnowboarderAt the Eli Whitney Museum and Workshop, students of all ages build things and experiment. Eli Whitney offers many programs for teachers and students, including a 2010 winter program for the Olympics, Feb. 15-17. Visit the museum and the museum website to learn about Eli Whitney himself, as well as other inventors.

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Program: Fernbank Science Nights, Atlanta, GA. Grades 3-6

The Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta, GA., offers Science Night Out, Friday evening programs with hands-on science activities for kids, staffed by Fernbank Science Center scientists and volunteers. The target audience is fun-loving, science-aware children from 3rd grade through 6th grade. Cost: $15.

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Workshop: Animation Workshop, Tufts U., Mass. Feb 17-19

At this Tufts University Center for Engineering Education 3-day workshop held Feb. 17 -19, students grades 3-6 will create animations using animation software designed at the CEEO ( Students will use materials such as LEGO, clay, and whiteboards to design and create movie sets. Cost: $300. Medford, Mass.

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Class Activity: Build a Roller Coaster

In this activity, late-elementary school students work in small groups to build a roller coaster with at least one loop and one jump, demonstrating how potential energy transforms into kinetic energy. Students observe the relationship of height to potential energy and the resulting kinetic energy.

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