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Sci-Toons: Fun Videos Convey Serious Science

Brown university scitoonsWhat is graphene? How do we see color? These are just two of the questions Brown University researchers answer in a series of engaging animated videos called Sci-Toons designed for informal and after-school science programs.

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Special Feature: Extreme Ice

glacier2Breathtakingly vast, Greenland’s ancient ice sheet turns out to be as fragile as it is formidable. Environmental photographer and Extreme Ice Survey founder James Balog has spent the past five years documenting the impact of Earth’s big thaw on glaciers there and in Iceland, Nepal, Alaska, and the U.S. Rocky Mountains in a stunning new book, Ice: Portraits of Vanishing Glaciers.

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EPA Teacher Resources

EPA LogoThe Environmental Protection Agency has a collection of materials that can be used to teach environmental topics like conservation, human health, stewardship, waste & recycling, and water. The EPA also offers publications, awards and grants, workshops, conferences, student scholarships, community service projects, and a club for kids.

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Travel Fellowships for Middle School Teachers

Coral and Coastal EcologyTeachers of grades 6 through 8 from Northrup Grumman communities have a chance to join an expedition either to the Bahamas, to examine coastal ecology, or to the edge of the Arctic, to study climate change.

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Web Resources: Polar Bears International

polarbearsThe educational site Polar Bears International provides resources for teachers and students, including curricular units, handbooks and information, news items, links to other helpful sites, an appealing Powerpoint for grades K-4, posters, games, and quizzes.

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After School Engineering, Purdue U., Fall 2010 – Spring 2011


Purdue University’s “Innovation 2 Reality” (I2R) features three FREE 5-week after-school programs for 6th-8th grade students in Fall 2010 and Spring 2011 focused on the themes: Engineering and Our Changing Climate (Oct. 17 – Nov. 10), Edible Engineering (Jan. 13 – Feb. 10), and The Energy Game (Feb. 8-March 8 ) The programs offer a combination of faculty guest speakers, lab tours and hands-on engineering activities.

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Feature: Preparing for Rising Sea Levels

If all burning of fossil fuels were to cease tomorrow, the build-up of greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere is still severe enough that in 2100, we are still looking at a world at least several degrees warmer than during the pre-industrial era. That warming brings with it certain hazards – droughts, the spread of infectious diseases, the extinction of species. One hazard in particular will require an engineering response: the rise of sea levels.

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