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USA Science & Engineering Expo Photos

The USA Science and Engineering Festival culminated in a gigantic Expo on the Washington, DC, National Mall Oct. 23-24. eGFI and a reported half-million visitors enjoyed the giant kaleidoscope, robot soccer competitions, Bill Nye the Science Guy, live music, explosions, and DIY rockets. See below our collection of photos taken on Saturday.

Specially Designed Boats Bob in Water

Specially designed sailboats bob in soapy water, propelled by wind and soap.
(Try a similar eGFI class activity with soap and boats.)

Kids Aim at a Target Using Catapults

Kids take aim at a target using catapults.

Robots from FIRST Robotics Spar During a Soccer Game

Robots from FIRST Robotics spar during a soccer game.

Kids Dress as Rubix Cubes Promote a Contest

Kids dressed as Rubik’s Cubes promote a contest for solving the puzzles.

LEGO NXT-Powered Robots Battle

LEGO NXT-powered robots battle.

Running on Liquid

Festival visitors run atop a cornstarch liquid mixture.
(Experiment with cornstarch in our eGFI class activity.)

Looking Through a Giant Kaleidoscope

The giant kaleidoscope intrigued both kids and adults.

The EPA Demonstrates a Water Filtration System

The EPA demonstrates a water filtration system.

A Life-Size Replica of the Hubble Space Telescope

A replica of the Hubble Space Telescope dominated one of several  NASA booths. For eGFI class materials and info on space telescopes, click here.

Cheerleaders for Science Being Interviewed

Cheerleaders for science pause for an interview.

Photos by Jaimie Schock/ASEE.

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