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Lesson: Problem-solve Your School

Problem Solve Your SchoolStudents in grades 4-12 apply the engineering design process to a real-life problem that affects them at school. The class selects a single problem then comes up with and tests a design solution. Students gain hands-on experience with engineering problem-solving.

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Lesson: Harvest Water from Fog

Cape VerdeIn this lesson from the Peace Corps, students in grades 4-12 learn how harvesting water from fog can help people who have limited access to fresh water. They study the water challenges in Cape Verde, and the technology and benefits of fog water collectors. They then build and evaluate a own working model.

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Activity: Propel a Toy Boat with Chemicals

BubblesStudents grades 4-12 conduct a simple experiment that demonstrates how a familiar chemical — liquid soap — can be used to break the surface tension of water and propel a toy boat. Older students move into further inquiry of chemical dispersants and their use in combating oil spills.

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