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Museum of Glass. Takoma, Washington

In addition to school tours and ongoing programs for educators and students, the Museum of Glass in Takoma, Washington, offers helpful online resources, such as a “Learn about glass” page, and curriculum guides.

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NSF Videos Hail a Green Revolution

What better way to lure visually-centric kids to science than with videos that are brief, fast-paced, and edgy? That seems to be the National Science Foundation’s thinking. “The Science of Speed” made a debut earlier this year. Now, here comes an arresting new series on green technology.

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Event: Student Engineering Films. Drexel U. June 3, 2010

Everyone is welcome to attend the 3rd annual Engineering Film Festival, where short videos produced by Drexel engineering students will be viewed and judged in competition. All films, between 3 minutes and 8 minutes long, PG-rated, relate in some way to the College of Engineering at Drexel University or the field of engineering in general. Come view the creativity of these engineering students and gain ideas for your own classroom and students.

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Web Videos: NSF’s Green Revolution

Green Revolution logoNational Science Foundation’s “Green Revolution” video series features scientists and engineers who are working to develop and improve the use of clean energy sources, new fuels and other energy-related technologies. Each 5-minute segment explores the research carried out by these men and women, as well as some of the basic science behind their work.Supplemental materials for educators is also included.

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Activity: Glass Blowing Simulation

Glass BlowingIn this activity, elementary and middle school students learn about glass and the techniques for making it, especially glass blowing. Then, students experiment with honey to get a feel for how glass is blown, and butter, to learn how temperature changes affect a material.

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Resource: Glass and the International Materials Institute

Unlocking the mysteries of glassThe International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass provides a list of glass related information and video clips that have been prepared and collected for educators, students, and general science enthusiasts. Some of the material was prepared by the Institute, some was provided by other researchers, and some are links to other resources around the web.

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Website: Making Glass Online

Molding Blown GlassMaking Glass Online provides visitors with the latest glass making techniques and videos. It features glass making kits, history, step-by-step videos, and information on/guides to glass blowing, marble making, the tools and gear needed, and stain glass making.

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Schools Embrace Digital Tech

Computer LabDigital technology’s reach into the classroom is complete. A new Department of Education report found that every single public school in the United States is in someway using computers for instruction. The mean number of students per computer is 3.1 and 76 percent of the computers are desktops. Only 2 percent of public schools are not connected to the Internet.

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University-Lab Partnership Aids Teachers

University of California-San FranciscoScience textbooks provide students with lots of useful facts, but science is not about spoon-fed answers. “Learning doesn’t work that way in the lab. You might start with a phenomenon that gets you wondering and leads to questions. We’re helping them (students) build critical thinking skills,” Rebecca Smith, co-director of the Science and Health Education Partnership.

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