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Daylight Saving Said to Affect SAT Scores

Alarm ClockResearchers have found a “surprisingly strong” relationship between imposition of Daylight Saving and students’ SAT scores. Students in Indiana counties that changed their clocks had scores that were 16.34 percent lower than those in counties that didn’t.

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Standardized Tests Getting an Overhaul

School Computer LabThe standardized tests that K-12 students take each year will soon undergo an electronic overhaul. The U.S. Department of Education recently awarded two consortia of states $330 million to develop ways to improve, broaden, and speed up the tests by 2014 using interactive computing technologies.

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No Change in SAT Scores

Desks Lined Up for Taking of the SATThe College Board, which administers the SAT test, recently released a breakdown of this year’s results. And, how did the class of 2010 fare? Exactly the same as the class of 2009. The average total SAT score was 1,509 points out of a possible total of 2,400 — the same as last year.

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ACT Scores Show Disheartening Trend

High School Students Taking the ACTA main education goal of the White House is for every American high school student to graduate career- or college-ready. New data from the ACT college entrance exam show just what an uphill battle that will be: fewer than 25 percent of 2010 high school graduates had the academic skills to pass college entry-level courses in all four categories tested.

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