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Smart Phones to Eliminate Digital Divide?

Using a Smart PhoneWithin five years, every K-12 student in America will be using a mobile handheld device as a part of learning, according to Elliot Soloway, a professor at the University of Michigan. “Smart phones are the one technology that can eliminate the digital divide.”

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Cookies, Milk, and PDAs

Learning with TechnologyTeacher Stephanie Rick was honored recently by the National School Board for her innovative uses of technology in the third-grade classroom. Her students maintain a class blog, write to “e-pals” in England, and use hand-held devices on practice tests.

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Materials: NISE Net Nanotech Kit

nanodays_exNISE Net, which sponsors NanoDays (March 26 through April 3, 2011), offers teachers a free physical nanotechnology kit to support a local NanoDays event. The kits include hands-on activities, supplies, and resource and marketing materials. Apply online for a kit between October 20 and December 10, 2010.

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Cellphones in the Classroom

Cellphone with TripodSeventy-five percent of all high-school students own cellphones. So why not put that resource to use as an academic tool? That’s the thinking of some Chicago educators. Others worry that cells can be too easily used to cheat on tests, however.

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Standardized Tests Getting an Overhaul

School Computer LabThe standardized tests that K-12 students take each year will soon undergo an electronic overhaul. The U.S. Department of Education recently awarded two consortia of states $330 million to develop ways to improve, broaden, and speed up the tests by 2014 using interactive computing technologies.

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Cutting-Edge Tech Pours into U.S. Classrooms

A Student Uses an Interactive WhiteboardThe debate over the efficacy of classroom technology continues, but so does the onslaught of new devices. Some cutting-edge technologies may soon be wending their way to American schools, via South Korea. One example? A robot with a screen in its tummy that displays lecture videos.

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Fifth Graders Score in Online Investing

Young Investors on ComputersWho better to test the gaming aspects of a new online investment platform than 10- and 11-year-olds who have grown up with Wiis in one hand and PS3s in the other? At a school in Potomac, using “virtual” money, fifth graders tested the platform. Most students made money–and a few made a bundle.

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Teachers Glimpse A Digital Future

High Tech ClassAt the annual meeting of the International Society for Technology in Education, attendees were told that in classrooms of the not-too-distant future, each student will be armed with a handheld digital education device, teachers will encourage tweeting and texting, and more lessons will be taught using computer games.

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Back to (Blackboard) Basics?

ChalkboardNext year, American school districts will spend $16 billion on high-tech classroom devices, with one in three classrooms sporting an interactive whiteboard. But critics charge that whiteboards lock instructors into the classroom lecture, which despite the newfangled technology, remains an inefficient, non-interactive method of instruction.

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