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MATE International ROV Competition


Level: Middle and High School Students

The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center coordinates an international student ROV competition and a network of regional ROV contests that take place across the world. Student teams from middle schools, high schools, home schools, community colleges, and universities participate in the events, which consist of different “classes” that vary depending on the sophistication of the ROVs and the mission requirements.

In addition to being fun and educational, these competitions connect students and educators with employers and working professionals from marine industries, highlight marine-related career opportunities, and promote the development of technical, problem solving, critical thinking, and teamwork skills.

The MATE website provides a list of the various competitions, in addition to information on past winners, photos, and the specification for entering.

2 Responses to “MATE International ROV Competition”

  1. […] focused more on collaborating with the schools” — as opposed to ROV competitions like the MATE Challenge, in which Dickinson and his students also participate. Since the students had to write a proposal […]

  2. For 44 years my day job has been underwater intervention, first in diving and focusing on ROV design and operations since their commercial beginning in the mid nineteen seventies.

    I have attempted to give back by working to convince young people to study math and science for the majority of that time. We have tried lectures, workshops, scvholarships and othe activities, but nothing compares to the MATE ROV Competition.

    It is by a very wide margin the most successful motivational program I have ever seen, or had the privilage to be a part of.

    The work that Jill Zande does to organize this event, including the regionals that lead up to the international competition, is incredible.

    The excitment and response from the students, teachers and mentors who partisipate continues to amaze me year after year.

    Drew Michel
    Chair ROV Committee
    Marine Technology Society

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