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Sounds Right

From acoustics to recordings and broadcasts, music and engineering are longtime partners. Adolph Rickenbacker and musician George Beauchamp teamed up to create the first electric guitar in 1931. Now a laptop - even a smart phone - can become a sound studio. Here, students explore this fast-changing world with lessons, activities, and games, and peek at future discoveries.

Engineering T-Pain's Warbling Effect

Acoustics: Chameleon Guitar
Careers in Music Engineering

Assuming the role of acoustic engineers, students determine the path traveled by sound waves reflecting off room surfaces. They also gain an overview of sound mechanics, using number systems and a bit of geometry.

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Drexel University's Prof. Youngmoo Kim and his students are devising innovative ways to expand the boundaries of music making, putting the power of a music arranger into the hands of ordinary listeners.

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Drexel's Student Summer Music Technology Program

Give kids a laptop and a wireless broadband connection and just watch them search, chat, and network. But that's not good enough, says the Computer Science Teachers Association, which wants more schools teaching students how computers actually work.

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ASEE's K-12 Engineering Workshop

Registration is now Open for the K-12 Workshop

K-12 Teachers, register now for ASEE's workshop, "Discovering Engineering in the Classroom," and learn fun ways to get students excited about math and science. This energizing, highly informative event will introduce you to innovative, effective engineering education lessons, best practices, and take-away tools. Kentucky teachers who participate will be eligible for continuing professional education credits. Out-of-state teachers will get a certificate to use in seeking credits through their own state authorities.

When: Saturday, June 19, 2010, 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

 Where: Kentucky International Convention Center, 221 South 4th Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202-2903

 FREE to all K-12 teachers who register by JUNE 4.

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