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Help is at hand for STEM teachers. A growing number of universities and programs, including National Lab Day, provide access to practicing engineers and scientists who can enliven the classroom, assist with projects, and get students thinking about careers. Learn about women technical professionals who mentor girls in the San Francisco Bay Area as part of the nonprofit Techbridge, and let your students try an imaginative collaborative lesson.

Some Mentoring Programs
The Nifty Fifty
National Defense
U.S. Dept. of Education, Math and Science

In this lesson emphasizing teamwork, students in grades 5-12 work together to solve an engineering problem: how to create a device capable of transporting a set of "radioactive" golf balls from one bag to another - with no human contact. Which team can get the job done in the shortest period of time?

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For California girls who may never have met an engineer, Techbridge provides an introduction -- and more. Professional women serve as role models, visiting schools, giving workplace tours, and engaging students in hands-on projects. Techbridge mentors the mentors, too, ensuring they know how to inspire student passion for learning.

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Despite the growing importance of information technology, schools - and students - still resist computer science curricula in K-12 public schools. A recent conference suggested ways to combat the stereotypes and increase appeal.

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Coming soon - the colorful, new eGFI cards! The 15 cards from our homepage have been brought to life and sized just right (4" x 5"). An accompanying teachers guide offers fresh activities to inspire your students. The cards also encourage discussion of such challenges as ocean pollution, cyber-security, and robot development. Teacher tested and approved, the cards will be available soon on our eGFI store.

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