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Windows on Glass

As a familiar everyday material, glass is often taken for granted; yet, its manufacture takes skill and creativity. Today, engineers find it ideal for observation platforms, as well as heat- and light-controlled windows, fiber optics, and biomedical ceramics. Read how one teacher introduces young students to the science of glass through art, then have your students use candied ingredients to simulate glass-making.  

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In these two class activities, students in grades 3-12 learn about techniques of glass manufacture. In the first, they experiment with honey to see how glass is blown, and then with butter, to observe the effects of temperature change. In the second, in creating sugar candy, students employ many of the same principles as in the formation of glass.

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Second Activity: Glass-like Candy

Annie Nash's classes may be labeled "visual arts," but they're much more. While mastering the use of glass-working tools, her second- to fifth-grade students also learn elements of chemistry, physics, optics, history, and the scientific method.

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What better way to lure visually-centric kids to science than with videos that are brief, fast-paced, and edgy? That seems to be the National Science Foundation's thinking. "The Science of Speed" made a debut earlier this year. Now, here comes an arresting new series on green technology. 

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 FEedback from the teachers

testWhat Was It Like?

If your school joined National Lab Day to sponsor a visiting engineer, scientist or professional, we want to hear from you. What were the students' reactions, the benefits or drawbacks? Do you have plans for future years? Teachers are the real experts, so please, send us an email and fill us in!

To celebrate National Lab Day, through the month of May, eGFI is offering a free poster and 5 additional copies of eGFI magazine for every order of 25 magazines ($100). To order, go to the eGFI store, request any multiple of 25 magazines, and type "NLD" in the box marked "Other." Leave the poster quantity blank - we'll  know to send you one! This offer will be valid through May 30, 2010.

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