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After-School Smarts

In the midst of summer, think extra curricular: Consider starting a STEM club or reinvigorating an existing one. This week, read about clubs making iMovies, dissecting a robotic pet, and refining the aim of a catapult. Then explore three cool activities that will delight club members and all students. For help getting started, check our list of STEM club web resources.

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Launch your STEM club year with fun, hands -- on activities that inspire student enthusiasm and participation. Here are three winners: Drop an egg from a height without breaking it; create an advanced viscoelastic material-otherwise known as slime; and float a hot air balloon across the classroom.

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STEM clubs are sprouting up in schools across the nation, cultivating curiosity about STEM subjects and building a pipeline of much needed future professionals. These clubs appeal to a wide array of students and are a great way to develop teamwork, leadership, and other life skills.

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LaMar Queen, a teacher at the Los Angeles Academy, has boosted his eighth-graders' math grades through his use of rap music -- which he writes and performs -- to help them learn the rules of algebra.

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 asee 2010 K-12 workshop in louisville

Teachers Get Into It

More than 300 engineering educators from across the country attended ASEE's seventh annual Workshop on K-12 Engineering Education in Louisville, Ky, on July 19, enjoying workshops, lectures, and demonstrations.  Take a look at our slideshow of the hands-on fun, downloadable pdfs of the presentations, and a recap of the issues discussed at the morning panel and focus groups.

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 EGFI questionnaire

Thanks for your response

In May, we asked for feedback on our first year of the eGFI website and newsletters. The thoughtful insights we received from 400 educators will help us make eGFI even more helpful and appealing.

As promised, we entered all respondents' names into a drawing for five $25 Amazon gift cards. Congratulations to our lucky winners:

Mary F. Carr, 6-8th grade math, K.D. Waldo Middle School, Aurora, Illinois; Rocklin Cavendar, 6-8th grade technology, Merrimack Valley Middle School, Penacook, N.H.; Kellye Marshall, first-grade Gifted and Talented, Dunbar Primary School, Lufkin, TX; Bruce Wellman, 10th grade aerospace and engineering Chemistry and 12th grade engineering design, Olathe Northwest High School, Olathe, KS; and a 9-12th grade engineering and technology teacher from Monticello High School, Monticello, N.Y.


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