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Program: Science Club for Girls

Science Clup for GirlsScience Club for Girls (SCFG) is a series of afterschool STEM programs offering K-12 girls the chance to explore science and technology through experiments and activities. Through the Junior Mentor leadership program, teenage girls become role models, teaching young children science, learning life skills, conducting outreach, and exploring careers in STEM fields.

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STEM Activities: Time to Invent

Time to Invent ClubThe Time to Invent Club, an invention-based mentoring program, helps students participate in fun, hands-on invention activities that spark their interest in STEM. They tackle challenges, gain confidence through inventing and creative problem-solving, meet STEM professions, and realize the impact invention has on daily life.

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Website: STEM Clubs Network

STEM ClubsThe STEM Clubs Network, which caters to schools in the United Kingdom, also provides best practice information, professional advice, shared resources, tips, and more for starting and running STEM-based extracurricular clubs for the middle and high school levels.

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Resource: Math and Science Club Step-by-Step Guide

HandsOn NetworkIn this detailed .pdf from the HandsOn Network, teachers and educational leaders interested in starting math and science clubs find instructions, advice and tips, a sample agenda, and additional web resources. Math and science clubs can give students a safe environment to learn and interact with others with similar interests. They can also provide a safe place for students to explore and discover, especially for those who may not have strong support at home.

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Webpage: Robotics Clubs Information

A Student Creates A RobotThis informational Webpage on robotics clubs from RoboRealm provides resources and helpful tips for running a robotics club, as well as an international directory of clubs. It also features an online club that can be connected to from any location.

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Website: The Science Discovery Clubs Network

SciZmicThe Science Discovery Clubs Network’s SciZmic website provides in-depth help with creating, running, and even funding a science club. Activities and projects for use in a science club are available here.

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