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Cyber Sense

Thanks to computer engineers, the Internet is a vital tool for communication and learning. But how can we access information while protecting users' privacy and national security? This dilemma is shared by the government, Google, and the National Academy of Engineering, which calls cybersecurity a 21st-century "grand challenge." Students ponder the question in a lesson, below. Spotlight taps into the white, black, and gray world of hackers.

Developing Cybersmarts
Keeping Cybersafe
Rebooting High School Computer Science

Just how much information should we share with online companies and cyber contacts? This classroom activity guides students to consider privacy in their everyday lives and as it relates to the Internet, bringing them to a better understanding of cyber security and safety issues.

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The public gains much of its understanding of computer hackers from movies, television, or the occasional news story. While the hype tends to distort our perceptions of hackers' work, the truth is often more interesting - and the techniques hackers employ can serve as a valuable teaching tool.

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Fifth graders in Illinois are shooting hoops to up their math scores. It's part of a program that has students flexing their number skills by tracking the statistics of the Illinois Central College basketball team. Brief court time with the players gives students insight into the lives of college athletes.

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The making of Avatar. 3D Printing. The Kepler telescope. Predicting Floods. Each week, the eGFI student newsletter presents fun and interesting engineering innovations - great discussion topics for class. Sign up for the student newsletter and encourage your students to do so, as well. Check out past newsletters here.

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