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African-American Innovators

From George Washington Carver, who found hundreds of ways to use peanuts and soybeans in chemistry and manufacturing, to 21st-century aerospace engineer Wanda Austin, who speaks this month at the National Academy of Sciences, black Americans have played key roles in science, engineering, and invention. Join eGFI as we explore their work.


Black Inventor Online Museum
eGFI trailblazer: Barrington Irving
eEGI trailblazer: William Kamkwamba
America I Am - The African-American Imprint

Only one person was credited for the 1794 invention of the cotton gin - Eli Whitney. But who else contributed to the development of this important mechanism? This class activity prompts students to consider the sometimes complicated process of invention, patents, and public recognition.

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Engineers, scientists, and mathematicians of color have helped shape American invention since the early days of the republic. In the 18th century, Benjamin Banneker built clocks, predicted a solar eclipse, and surveyed the nation's capitol. Here, we spotlight Banneker and six other innovators.

The Obama administration will seek to boost the Department of Education's budget by $4 billion, with key monies directed to expanding the Race to the Top grant program, and to overhauling No Child Left Behind.

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Getting ready for football this weekend? Check out Notre Dame's fun new version, minus the helmets, pads, or injuries. This Blue and Gold competition is between robotic teams controlled by mechanical engineering students. Winners take home the Brian Hederman Memorial Award, named for a student who suffered an untimely death in 1995. 

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eGFI Magazine Engineers Week Special

In celebration of National Engineers Week, February 14-20, 2010, eGFI is offering a free poster and 5 additional copies of eGFI magazine for every order of 25 magazines ($100). To order, go to the eGFI store, request any multiple of 25 magazines, and type "EWeek" in the box marked "Other." Leave the poster quantity blank -- we'll know to send you one! This offer will be valid through February 20, 2010.


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