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Think Green

With the Copenhagen climate-change summit in the news, this issue is all about conservation and alternative energy. The environment plays a big role on the eGFI website, too. We've tagged a few of our favorite mentions, below:

What's an environmental engineer?
New buildings conserve energy and water.
Video: Power from algae.
A chemical engineer gives "clean" new meaning.
An innovative cement literally kills pollution.
Learn how cows produce fuel.
Video: A different take on wind energy.
An Energy Department video on carbon capture.

In this lesson, students grades K-5 learn how decaying organic matter can be harvested as a source of energy. Like environmental engineers, they learn to consider alternative methods for fuel production.

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Students at Indiana's Brownsburg East Middle School have helped plan, design, and build a new roof for their school, one filled with vegetation. Green roofs offer schools environmental advantages - but also tremendous opportunities for learning.

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Teachers increasingly use video games to teach science. E-books, netbooks and interactive whiteboards are likely to become more common in classrooms as well.

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eGFI: News For Teachers

Explore the new eGFI website with your students

Introduce your students to engineering with our new interactive cards. Each card illustrates a particular discipline and includes the following:

  • Did you know? (a fun factoid)
  • Make a difference (explains how this type of engineer makes a difference in the world)
  • Where do they work? (Industries, companies, organizations, and the type of work involved)
  • Meet one (meet a real engineer)

Ask them to pick their favorite and tell you why.

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