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Low Cost, High Impact

Engineering offers many opportunities to improve the lives of others with simple yet ingenious technology. Read about efforts to help poor communities in Argentina and Africa, student collaborations with the developing world, and designs and projects for shelter, health care, and electricity. Engage your students in a lesson to recycle trash. Then be one of the first to respond to our eGFI survey marking the first year of the Website and teachers' newsletter. Let us know how we've done! 

This lesson introduces students to environmental and climate problems created by increasing numbers of landfills, then challenges them to devise solutions for re-use of items they would normally discard. Each student team creates a useful project from recyclable trash items.

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From helping impoverished trash workers in Argentina to transforming the way engineering students learn, Prof. Caroline Baillie has championed social causes and challenged colleagues and students to make ethics a core concern.

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Read about Solar Electric Light Fund
Read about Engineers for a Sustainable World

NASA software engineer Chuck Lostroscio has created a computer game-like tool called the Kennedy Launch Academy Simulation System, or KLASS, which allows students to assume the role of a mission control engineer while practicing math, science, and engineering skills.

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Inspired by an Idea

"I instantly knew that was something I wanted to be part of." -- Georgia Tech Environment Engineering student Elyse Rester describes learning of a clean water project in rural Africa using solar pumps.

Watch Elyse discuss her engineering interests.

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How Are We Doing?

As is true for many educators, eGFI's school year is drawing to a close. But check your in-box for our bi-weekly June and July summer newsletters. 2009-10 marked the first year of our Website and teachers' newsletter, so we'd love some feedback: How did we do? What did you like? What would you like to see more of?

Look for the eGFI questionnaire in a separate email tomorrow, Wednesday, May 26. As our thank you, we'll enter all respondents' names into a drawing for five $25 Amazon gift cards. Look for the announcements of results by mid-June.


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