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A Sea of Challenges

From containing a massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico to protecting fragile coastal areas, engineers confront tough problems on the ocean. They also develop vessels to explore unknown depths, improve habitats, and harness wave power as an energy source. This week, read about schemes to protect our shorelines, and have your students to tackle sea pollution first-hand. 

Explore Ocean Engineering

Working in teams and using everyday items, students analyze an oil spill and then design, build, and test a system to contain the spill and remove oil from the water.

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Activity: Prevent Shore Erosion

With sea levels projected to rise from few inches to several feet by 2100, engineers are thinking big about ways to guard our coasts. One idea: a series of huge flood barriers in the waters off New York City.

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Up to 300,000 K-12 and public university teachers and staff face layoffs in the next academic year. Members of the U.S. Senate education panel are hoping to pass a $23 billion measure to keep many of them on the job.

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 Deep Exploration

Hanumant Singh, Ocean Engineer

At the Deep Submergence Laboratory at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Mass., Singh develops underwater robotic vehicles to study oceanographic phenomena, like ancient shipwrecks.

Watch Singh describe his work in polar regions.


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