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R2-D2 Comes of Age

The nationwide student robotics craze keeps expanding, and no wonder: Robots combine science and engineering with the fun of tinkering, making something work, and envisioning the future. Here, learn about competitions, summer camps, National Robotics Week, and 'bot building activities.

Spelman College's soccer-bot mentor

Foodbots serve up omelettes

The BristleBot is a variation of the popular vibrobot, a simple category of robot controlled by a single vibrating motor. This sprightly little 'bot is made from a toothbrush and a few low-cost materials, and can easily be modified for additional challenge.

Japan is Cool Robot Central. There are 'bots that play soccer, dance, climb trees, and swim - not to mention manning assembly lines. Now, the nation that has long dominated industrial robotics is grappling with ways robots can tackle society's other challenges, like aiding firefighters and an aging population.

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Do school kids need to spend more time at school? Yes, argues Charles E. Finn Jr., a former assistant secretary of education. Chinese students spend 41 more days a year in school than does the average American, but change is reaching our shores.

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eGFI: News For Teachers

Explore the eGFI website with your students

Introduce your students to engineering with our interactive cards. Each card illustrates a particular discipline and includes the following:

  • Did you know? (a fun factoid)
  • Make a difference (explains how this type of engineer makes a difference in the world)
  • Where do they work? (Industries, companies, organizations, and the type of work involved)
  • Meet one (meet a real engineer)

Ask them to pick their favorite and tell you why.

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