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Engineers Join the Class

National Lab Day, an initiative backed by the White House, encourages scientists and engineers to visit K-12 classrooms to provide hands-on, discovery-based experiences for students. More than 200 professional and academic organizations and companies have pledged support, including ASEE. Sign up and post a project request. There's also a chance for more equipment to help improve your school labs.

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What environmental factors should consumers consider in buying a new car, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of various alternative fuels? Students inform themselves about the choices, then role play as sellers and buyers of "green" cars.

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At Seabury Hall school on the island of Maui, teachers Kathleen Ireland and Martin Emde have enlisted the entire freshman and sophomore classes and 35 seniors in a uniquely Hawaiian energy solution using nuts from the kukui tree.

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High-school agricultural science classes are changing to reflect the high-tech aspects of today's farming. Schools in nine states have launched a challenging national curriculum called CASE, or Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education, which takes an activity- and projects-based approach combined with more rigorous math and science.

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eGFI Magazine Engineers Week Special

In celebration of National Engineers Week, February 14-20, 2010, eGFI is offering a free poster and 5 additional copies of eGFI magazine for every order of 25 magazines ($100). To order, go to the eGFI store, request any multiple of 25 magazines, and type "EWeek" in the box marked "Other." Leave the poster quantity blank -- we'll know to send you one! This offer will be valid through February 20, 2010.


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