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Olympian Feats

In addition to intense training and finely honed skills, Olympic athletes rely upon carefully engineered equipment for that winning edge. As eGFI turns the spotlight on these technological victories, we invite you and your students to our own games - a crossword puzzle for grades 6-12 and a picture match for grades K-3.

Students assume the role of engineers as they build a simulated luge track and then test variables that can affect speed: the type of surface, shape of the luge, wind resistance, and angle of the track.

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When a fraction of a second separates winners from also-rans in Olympic events, engineering makes a big difference. Our feature explores feats of science and technology in the sport of speed skating.

Christopher Bruhn, an AP physics teacher at the Dallas School of Science and Engineering, found a great way to challenge his 24 students: If they all passed his course, they could shave his head. The incentive worked. Bruhn enlivens classes with fun demonstrations and a hyperkinetic teaching style.

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NBC and the National Science Foundation (NSF) teamed up to make 16 riveting videos that explore the science and engineering of the Olympic Winter Games.

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eGFI Magazine Engineers Week Special

FINAL WEEK! In celebration of National Engineers Week, February 14-20, 2010, eGFI is offering a free poster and 5 additional copies of eGFI magazine for every order of 25 magazines ($100). To order, go to the eGFI store, request any multiple of 25 magazines, and type "EWeek" in the box marked "Other." Leave the poster quantity blank -- we'll know to send you one! This offer will be valid through February 20, 2010.


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