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Web Resource: STEM All-Star Trading Cards

STEM Card 05-FrontWho are 25 top all-star “hitters” in  Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math? Spinning off the concept of baseball trading cards, Dupont is unveiling a series of 25 STEM collectible trading cards.

Each week for 25 weeks, Dupont will unveil a new collectible trading card featuring one scientist out of the countless men and women who have made an impact through STEM research and education.

Featured thus far?

Celebrate the 25th year of The DuPont Challenge©, a student essay writing contest, and see if you can collect all 25 of these science superstars. Teachers can  collect the whole set for their classroom as inspiration for this year’s competition.

2 Responses to “Web Resource: STEM All-Star Trading Cards”

  1. What a great idea! Kids who are interested in STEM have “idols” of sorts to look up to and this is a great way to try and crush the stigma of STEM careers being “nerd jobs.” But in all honesty, these careers are vital to our future as a nation. We need to put everything we can into encouraging our youth to participate in STEM. I read a great article about the future of stem that really sheds a lot of light on the discussion going on right now. I would recommend you give it a read.

  2. Thanks for the article, Ally — lots of good suggestions on approaches to teaching and encouraging STEM, as well as mention of successful programs!

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