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Website: Gas Hydrates and Crystallography Resources

Gas Hydrates in Solid Form (Wikimedia Commons)This website on gas hydrates and crystallography from the University of California-Irvine provides resources, information, and class materials for teachers.  It offers information, documents, presentations, photos, and data from past programs and projects, as well as lab activities, experiments, lesson plans, software, and an online tutorial.

The website’s Student Zone provides three Freeware software programs for education (and fun) use. These allow students to measure, modify, and experience the effects of gravity, viscosity, spin, air resistance, stiffness, and ground friction on virtual objects, as well as graph 3D functions.

The teacher and student resources are part of the larger Gas Hydrate project,  supported by a National Science Foundation Collaborative Research in Chemistry (NSF-CRC) grant. It brings together chemists, geologists, and engineers to advance the state knowledge of clathrate hydrates.

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