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Budget Cuts Take Toll on Teachers

Teacher and Frustrated Student

Teachers nationwide could face sharp reductions in their ranks as state and local governments tackle crippling budget shortfalls, NBC Nightly News reports. In Providence, R.I., school board members voted last Thursday not to lay off teachers but to fire all 1,926 of them with no plan, charged Steve Smith, head of the Providence Teachers Union: The city says it will rehire the teachers it needs and let the rest go. The mayor says it’s time for drastic action against seemingly ironclad benefits packages.

Similar sentiments are being voiced in New York City, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg says he is a supporter of unions but his preliminary city budget suggests close to 4,700 teachers could lose their jobs. Some schools could lose half the faculty, according to the NY Daily News. Meanwhile, Austin Independent School District in Texas, which is slated to cut more than 1,000 employees, hopes volunteer “classroom coaches” will help ease teacher layoffs, KXAN reports.

Volunteers to help ease teacher layoffs

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2 Responses to “Budget Cuts Take Toll on Teachers”

  1. Much has been said about money spent on education usually referring the the “large” amounts teachers are paid.Yeah right. I knew many years ago I would never get rich teaching but it hurts me to see money , in my opinion, wasted buying every new pprogram designed to improve student learning. Parents are the best solution to improve student learning. After all they brought these kids into the world! If you can’t be a good parent, don’t have kids! Also why are coaches paid so much more than classroom teachers? Hmmm.

  2. Teachers can not *fix* students. Assisting is a collaborative effort by all, including students and their parents. Because teachers give so freely of their time, the public expects them to continue to do so for FREE all the time. In the end, little value has been placed on what has been given so freely and teachers have become easy targets and scapegoats for a system that does not hold everyone accountable. Teachers should collectively agree to stop work at the end of the work day. No more working late nights, early mornings, weekends and school breaks pro bono. Then, society will recognize the true value of a teacher. The public’s perception needs to change. Teachers need to be held in high esteem and everyone needs to do their part in educating our youth.

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