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Website: The Science Discovery Clubs Network

SciZmicThe Science Discovery Clubs Network’s SciZmic website provides in-depth help with creating, running, and even funding a science club. Activities and projects for use in a science club are available here.

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Resource: American Chemical Society Education

American Chemical SocietyThe American Chemical Society provides a number of great resources and outreach programs for students and teachers. The organization and website features teaching guides, workshops, hands-on activities, puzzles, games, activity books, magazines, student programs, events, teacher training, online seminars, teacher certifications, reports on learning, grants, scholarships, courses, awards, community outreach, and more.

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Web Links: Science Teachers’ Resources

NSTA logoThe National Science Teachers Association maintains a list of hundreds of free resources for science teachers, updated regularly. Some types of resources include full educational and interactive websites, podcasts, online demonstrations, stories for students, mobile device applications, videos, lesson plans, activities, networking opportunities with other teachers and scientists, data on state standards, special reports, social networking, nature guides, career bios and aids, learning tools, forums, databases, glossaries, games, and more.

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Augmented Reality in Classrooms

Augmented Reality in ActionAugmented reality (AR) technology is being hailed as the next big thing in the wireless world. Unlike virtual reality, which lets people seemingly enter artificial worlds, AR overlays digital information on real-world images viewed through the cameras of GPS-enabled handhelds, like smartphones. And already, one developer, Digital Tech Frontier, is marketing to schools its Augmented Reality Development Lab (ARDL) technology as a learning tool.

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NNIN Nanotech Educational Resources

NNINlogoThe National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) features an educational portal for nanotech resources, products, information and more. Their children’s magazine “Nanooze” includes articles, games, a blog, and its own interactive website. The portal is separated into resources for K-12 students, teachers, undergrads, graduates & professionals and the general community.

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Lesson: Save Our City!

Tornado by NOAAStudents learn about various natural hazards and specific methods engineers use to prevent these hazards from becoming natural disasters. They study a hypothetical map of an area covered with natural hazards and decide where to place natural disaster prevention devices by applying their critical thinking skills and an understanding of the causes of natural disasters.

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Interactive White Boards in Classrooms

Interactive white boards are replacing traditional chalkboards in classrooms. In schools that can afford them, they provide a multimedia tool. A recent study showed that they are used most successfully by teachers who already perform well without them, effectively making the best teachers even better.

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National Lab Day Brings Engineers to the Classroom

national lab day_thumbNational Lab Day, a new nationwide initiative to support project-based learning, is coming in May, 2010. Volunteer science and technology professionals and educators will work together with students to improve America’s science labs and offer inquiry-based STEM experiences in classrooms, learning labs, and after-school programs. Find out how to be a part of it.

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