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Video: Concussions In Football

ConcussionsIn this video, Sport Science takes a deeper look into concussions caused from helmet to helmet collisions. It exams the different factors involved and offers statistics on concussions and collisions in the NFL.

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Video: How Helmets Are Made

Helmet from VideoThis video from Riddell shows how their protective football helmets are made. The video takes a step-by-step approach and explains how the gear is tested and assembled.

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Lesson: Safety Gear and Helmets

Football HelmetIn this lesson, students in grades 6-8 learn the basic engineering issues related to helmet design, specifically the physics of collisions and the biomechanics considerations of design. Students then identify and solve design challenges, create a poster representation of their solutions, and present them to their peers. Finally, students will learn about the dangers of not wearing a helmet in certain sports.

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Custom Golf Clubs for Quadruple Amputee

Custom Golf Clubs from PINGA team of research engineers at golf equipment company PING has created a set of custom-fitted golf clubs for a man who has been a quadruple amputee since 2005. The researchers developed “a workable prototype” for Mesa, Arizona’s Jeff Lewis and worked with a prosthetist to develop a set of unique clubs.

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Web Resources: Science and Football

NFL ScienceTo accompany the 10-part video series “Science of NFL Football,” Lessonopoly has created activities and lesson plans that get students thinking about the science and engineering behind foward passes, touch-downs and powerful field goal kicks.

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Lesson: Punting and Projectile Motion

NFL_PARABOLAS2This lesson teaches students in grades 5-8 about projectile motion through a hands-on activity, an online video from “Science of NFL Football,” and a computer simulation project.

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Lesson: Learn about Torque

NFL_TORQUE2This lesson introduces students in grades 5-8 to the concept of torque through a short NBC Learn video on the science of the NFL, demonstrations, and a lab activity. Students learn how to calculate torque and determine how it is used in simple machines, everyday life, and in sports.

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Web Resources: Space and Sports

Spaced Out SportsAs part of its 2010-2011 Spaced Out Sports Design Challenge, NASA has produced student and educator resources, including posters, bookmarks, curriculum guides, a career video, and Digital Learning Network Modules.

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Science and Sports Team Up

American Football 2NBCLearn and the NSF have teamed up with the NFL to show that science and sports do mix in a new 10-part documentary that examines the science involved in pro football. The free videos feature top discussions with football players, followed by scientists who explain the science and math behind certain plays, rerun in super-slo-mo.

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