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STEM Teacher Retreat in AggieLand!

Texas A&M welcome to aggielandJoin Texas A&M and the American Society for Engineering Education June 19-23 for an immersive residential workshop designed to help you integrate the “E” into your STEM classes using flying machines. Register today!

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Website: Experiments from Cornell

classroom2The Cornell Center for Materials Research offers excellent education resources for teachers, including Lending Library of Experiments, with science and engineering lesson plans and activity sheets. Teachers in the area can borrow kits associated with these activities, free of charge, and arrange classroom and lab visits for their students.

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Web Resources: Space and Sports

Spaced Out SportsAs part of its 2010-2011 Spaced Out Sports Design Challenge, NASA has produced student and educator resources, including posters, bookmarks, curriculum guides, a career video, and Digital Learning Network Modules.

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Website: Math and Science from NASA

PUMASThis collection of brief examples from NASA show how math and science topics taught in K-12 classes can be used in interesting settings, including every day life. The examples are written primarily by scientists, engineers, and other content experts having practical experience with the material.

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Science Lessons: National Science Center

natscicntrTeachers can find several quick science lesson plans, keyed to National Standards, on the website of the National Science Center, a collaboration of The National Science Center Inc., a non-profit organization, and the United States Army.

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Lesson: Lift and Pull

Pulley BlockIn this activity for grades 6-8, students gain first-hand experience with the mechanical advantage of pulleys. Students are given the challenge of helping save a whale by moving it from an aquarium back to its natural habitat into the ocean. They set up different pulley systems, compare the theoretical and actual mechanical advantage of each and discuss their recommendations as a class.

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Sweepstakes: Cool School Science Day

The Siemens Foundation invites teachers to enter the Ultimate Cool School Science Day Sweepstakes to win a fun and interactive school assembly that underscores the importance of science literacy and the need for science resources among schools. Discovery Education will lead the assembly, which will consist of videos, mind benders, and interactive demonstrations. Deadline: January 27, 2010

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