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High School STEM Gap

diverse STEM students with blackboardSilicon Valley’s high-tech upper echelon isn’t the only place with a gender gap. A National Center for Education Statistics study of 20,000 students who were high school freshmen in 2009 reveals that while boys and girls earn math and science credits at similar rates, young men are far more likely to take engineering and technology classes and to consider pursuing STEM majors in college.

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Science Proficiency All Over the Map

racingHow do top-scoring science students in New England stack up against their counterparts in the mid-Atlantic or South? Not very well, according to a new analysis of state science assessments by Change the Equation. That’s because states set the bar for proficiency at widely varying levels.

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Study: Sexual Harassment Prevalent

hallNearly half of 7th to 12th graders experienced sexual harassment in the last school year, according to a sweeping new study by the American Association of University Women. The prevalence of such harassment in middle and high school may seem astonishing in part because it rarely is reported. Only about 9 percent of harassed students told a teacher, guidance counselor, or other adult at school.

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