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Lesson: Snack Attack – Food Packaging

cookies in boxIn this activity, teams of middle school students explore the engineering design process and materials used to package food by designing and testing a package for a snack. The goal is for students to understand the basic engineering involved in designing food packaging.

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Contest: Potato Chip Challenge

chip challengeThe Potato Chip Challenge from Wondergy is a nationwide K-12 engineering challenge that has students designing a package to protect a potato chip being sent through the mail. In order to win, the crunchy snack food must arrive at its destination intact and undamaged.

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Lesson: Egg Drop

EggsThe egg drop is a fun and dramatic way to get students involved in engineering design. After a discussion of safety features, students experiment packaging an egg to produce a design that will allow it to fall from a considerable height without cracking.

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Activity: Package the Pringle

Pringles ChipsFor this activity, which can be done with a partner school, student teams design a package for a single Pringles potato chip that allow it to be sent through the mail and arrive intact.

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Activity: Package Those Foods!

Individually Wrapped BananasThis activity for grades 6-8 provides students with the opportunity to create a food package for a specific food. The students have three components to focus on in the design of their food package. The package will have to keep the food clean, protect or aid in the physical and chemical changes that can take place in the food, and identify the food appealingly.

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