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Lesson: Concrete for Kids

concrete1Concrete for Kids is a fun, hands-on activity to introduce students to engineering and concrete as an engineered material that engineers use to make the structures we use every day, including bridges, buildings, and roads. In this two-period lesson, teams of students in grades K-12 mix and pour concrete to form beams which, once hardened, are tested to see how much weight they can hold before breaking.

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Lesson: Explore the Nano in Sunblock

sunblockIn this quick, hands-on lesson, students in grades K-12 compare sunblock containing nanoparticles to those that do not and learn how nanoparticles are used to help block harmful rays from the sun.

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Contest: Energy and Water Efficiency. March 4, 2011

ice_banner_logoIgniting Creative Energy is a national student challenge to motivate learning, ignite the imagination, and fuel students’ creative potential. Students are invited to participate by creating create a project that can communicate their ideas about energy and water efficiency via a science project, essay, story, artwork, photograph, music, video or web site project. Prizes include a trip to Washington, DC. and $1,000 for the winning school. Submission Deadline: March 4, 2011.

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K-12 Workshop: Parents, Kids, and LEGOS. Tufts U., Mass. March 6

The Tufts University Center for Engineering Education Parent and Child Workshop offers the opportunity for families to build and program their own LEGO inventions. Date: March 6, 2010, 9:00-12:00. Level: Grades K-12. Location: Tufts University CEEO on the Medford, Mass Campus. Cost: $75.

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