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Helping Hands

University of Louisville biomedical engineering students test prosthetic hand they build for LucasImagine not being able to pick up a glass of water, open a door, or play catch because you had no hands. Now imagine you’re a biomedical engineer and can help amputees regain dexterity – with the help of a home 3D printer.

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Website: Pathways to Science

Pathways to SciencePathways to Science supports pathways to the STEM fields. It places particular emphasis on connecting underrepresented groups with STEM programs, funding, mentoring, and resources. This website features programs such as undergraduate summer research opportunities, graduate fellowships, postdoctoral positions, and recruitment and retention materials.

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Website: Experiments from Cornell

classroom2The Cornell Center for Materials Research offers excellent education resources for teachers, including Lending Library of Experiments, with science and engineering lesson plans and activity sheets. Teachers in the area can borrow kits associated with these activities, free of charge, and arrange classroom and lab visits for their students.

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Feature: Opening Minds, Raising Sights

Girls in the California Bay area who may have never met an engineer now have an introduction – and more. Through the Chabot Space & Science Center, the Techbridge program connects girls with female technical role models with student groups, engaging them in hands-on activities, workplace tours, and school visits. And Techbridge mentors the mentors, ensuring they know how to inspire students’ passion for learning. “Opening Minds, Raising Sights,” from the December issue of Prism magazine, describes the appeal of the program.

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Arizona’s eCrew Cultivates Future Engineers

eCrew Participant Leonel BDefense contractor General Dynamics, facing an engineer shortage, has developed a program for developing young engineering talent. Eighteen seventh- and eight-grade students who have shown some math and science skills were selected for eCrew, which focuses on giving the students hands-on projects, like launching rockets and building working model cranes.

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Group: The Junior Engineering Technical Society

JETSThe Junior Engineering Technical Society (JETS) is a national non-profit education organization dedicated to promoting engineering and helping students discover their potential for the profession. JETS engages students in a variety of educational programs that increase awareness of what engineers do and show how math and science are used to make tangible differences in the world.

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The Engineering/Technology Careers Exploring Program

Engineering Exploring LogoThe Engineering/Technology Careers Exploring Program, from Learning for Life, along with the American Society for Engineering Education, is introducing more youth to careers in engineering and technology. These and other organizations are launching a 2010—2012 Engineering/Technology Careers Emphasis campaign in April. Presently, Learning for Life serves close to 1 million youth in over 14,000 schools and organizations across the country.

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