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Lesson: Chemical Wonders

chemistryIn this lesson, students in grades 3-5 are introduced to chemical engineering and learn about its many different applications. They are provided with a basic introduction to matter and its different properties and states. An associated hands-on activity gives students a chance to test their knowledge of the states of matter and how to make observations.

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Dispersants – a Help or a Hazard?

Oil Slick Off of Louisiana CoastBritish Petroleum is using a series of dispersants to combat the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico — chemicals intended to break up the surface tension of an oil slick and make oil more water-soluble. But the contents of some of these chemicals may be toxic to humans and wildlife, according to information newly released by the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Lesson: Nano Waterproofing

This “Nano Waterproofing” lesson explores how materials can be modified at the nano scale to provide features such as waterproofing and stain resistance. Student teams develop their own waterproofing technique for a cotton fabric and test their design against a fabric that has been altered through nanotechnology applications.

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Website: What’s that Stuff?

From nail polish to sandpaper, plasma globes, baseballs, and frankincense, The C&EN “What’s That Stuff?” articles that examine the chemistry — and engineering – behind a variety of everyday products.

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Lab TV – Engineering & Science Research

Brief, engaging webisodes feature the work of Department of Defense engineers and scientists, ranging from dolphin training to austronauts’ high tech gloves to computer design of naval vessels. The web videos encourage student interest in STEM subjects and technical careers at a Defense laboratory.

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AIChE Scholarships

chem-society-logoEnrich your resume with honors and awards before applying to colleges. Each year, students are awarded scholarships based on outstanding academic achievement and their involvement in AIChE programs and activities. Scholarships sponsored by AIChE chapters as well as Fortune 500 companies.

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