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Gross (but Cool) Science

Gross Science Show bugsThe world is full of revolting stuff, like parasites that squirm out of people’s feet. But gross stuff also can fascinate and inspire kids to learn about science. And that’s the idea behind PBS’s new YouTube series, “Gross Science.”

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Think Like a Bird!

bird at nestStudents in grades 2 to 4 learn about wildlife habitats, environmental engineering, and the complexities of nest construction by attempting to design and build a nest themselves.

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MIT Videos Convey Key STEM Concepts

video screens with bookAre your students vexed by vectors or mystified by electricity? MIT’s Open Courseware offers a series of videos designed to help students learn these and other pivotal concepts in science, technology, engineering, mathematics that are the building blocks of many engineering curricula.

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Digest This!

multicolor pills Student teams in grades 6-8 reinforce their knowledge of the digestive system and explore the concepts of simulation and the engineering design process by developing a pill coating that can withstand the churning and acidic environment of the stomach. They test the coating’s durability using a clear soda to simulate gastric acid.

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MIT+ Offers K-12 STEM Videos

airplane forcesWhy do airplanes fly? What is genetic engineering? To help K-12 students and teachers understand such topics, MIT has tapped its 10,000 brilliant young scholars to create engaging, short videos to supplement classroom instruction.

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Research Collaborators Encounter Mystery

ZebrafishHigh School biology students in Valders, Wis. are raising zebra fish as part of a research project being conducted by students at the University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc. Or at least they’re trying. But the grant-funded project, intended to interest high schoolers in STEM, has encountered a problem: dying fish.

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Programs: Center for Excellence in Education

Center for Excellence in EducationThe Center for Excellence in Education sponsors the Research Science Institute, the National Lab Skills Initiative, and the USA Biology Olympiad. The organization is a strong advocate for gifted education and contributes to the national debate on education reform. The Center actively supports developing scholars through its programs for high school through post-graduate students.

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Museum: The Mütter, Philadelphia,

Mutter Museum posterThe Mütter Museum, maintained by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, was founded to educate future doctors about anatomy and human medical anomalies. The museum is devoted to improving the health of the public through its education programs, services, and resources. Mütter provides in-house lessons, download-able workbooks, tours with special group rates, fun videos for students, a junior fellowship program, and a virtual tour.

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Teachers Summer: MIST Workshop at U. Illinois, July 28-30

University of IllinoisThe MIST Teacher Workshop, July 28-30, 2010, introduces high school teachers to the structure and teaching strategies used in the Merit Program at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The main goal is to help teachers feel confident in implementing this new method in their own classrooms and to introduce you to other teachers in your subject area to create a community of support. The majority of the workshop time will be devoted to experiencing the Merit teaching style and giving teachers the opportunity to develop materials they can take back to their own institutions. Stipend: $200, housing, food, and travel allowance. No new information provided for 2011.

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