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Feature: Engineering Icons

Grand Canyon BridgePlanning a road trip this summer? Whether en route to a beach, lake, or national park, there are plenty of engineering landmarks to admire along the way — including the interstate highway system, along which most travelers must pass. Here are some designated engineering destinations worth braking for!

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Engineering Map of America

Trans-Alaska pipelineWhat do the Trans-Alaska pipeline, Brooklyn Bridge, and aviatrix Amelia Earhart have in common? They’re all featured on a new, interactive map of America’s greatest engineering feats and engineering-education milestones developed by PBS’s American Experience with organizations like the American Society for Engineering Education.

U.S. Geological Survey/photo of trans-Alaskan pipeline by Dave Houseknecht

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Contest: Future City Competition 2010-11

The 19th Annual Future City Competition, held from September 2010 through February, 2011, invites 6th, 7th and 8th grade students from around the nation to team with engineer-volunteer mentors to create — first on computer and then in large, three-dimensional models — their visions of the city of tomorrow.

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Traveling Exhibit: Products that Empower

The Spring 2010 Design Revolution Road Show is a traveling exhibition and lecture series bringing “product design that empowers” to 25 U.S.high schools and universities. The road show features a biodiesel-powered truck and Airstream trailer exhibition of 40 humanitarian design solutions, sponsored by Project H Design. The products will be on view at every stop for visitors to experience, use, and touch; each is a smart design solution to one of eight issues: Water, Well-Being, Energy, Education, Play, Food, Mobility, Enterprise.

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Feature: Engineers Give Speed Skaters an Edge

5000m Relay by John Thescone

In a sport where just fractions of a second can separate a winner from also-rans, engineering makes a big difference. Speed skating, for instance, once depended on endurance and brute force. Now, it’s as much a feat of science and technology as strength.

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T.V. & Video: Nat’l Geographic

Engineering Wonders and Man Made are only two of several online shows made available on the Science and Technology section of the National Geographic Channel Website. The videos, which range in topic from volcanoes to skyscrapers, Apache helicopters, the polar station, and the engineering of the Wonder Bra, are each about 3 minutes in duration.

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Bug-Eyed Bio-Poets

Luke Lee, professor of bioengineering at UC Berkeley, has successfully created a synthetic bug-eye. Along with a research team he calls the Bio-Poets, Lee has fashioned microscopic versions of insect’s compound eyes in the laboratory. These devices, made of complex plastic materials, can “see” in all directions simultaneously, making their scope of usage range from […]

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Enzyme Computer

Itamar Willner has built a computer that may one day live inside you. Willner, who constructed the molecular calculator with colleagues at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel, believes enzyme-powered computers could eventually be implanted into the human body and used to, for example, modify the release of drugs to match a specific person’s metabolism.

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Special Feature: Revolutionary Approach

This article is taken from the Sept. 2004 issue of PRISM, ASEE’s award-winning magazine. Vehicles that guide themselves without human control are a staple of futuristic visions. More recently, they have been the subject of some serious, if still modest, experiments: keeping traffic moving safely on “smart” highways, for one; or the Mars Rovers for […]

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