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Ideas for Using eGFI Cards

Engineers are creative problem-solvers who make the world a better place. Space rockets, roller coasters, life-saving medicines, robots, video games – today’s coolest technologies spring from the hands and minds of engineers.

Our colorful eGfi “Dream Up the Future” cards can help get your class thinking about the possibilities.

Ask your students:

1. How many inventions?

List the different specialties illustrated or described on a card. How does each relate to this field of engineering? Which are current inventions and which are designs for the future?

2. What else do they – and could they – do?

Name other kinds of problems this type of engineer tackles, based on a card’s information. What future designs or inventions could they devise, for fun or to help improve our lives?

3. What problems really need fixing?

List five daily irritations in your life. List five bigger challenges. How could engineers offer solutions?

4. What three engineering fields most attract you?

Explain why they seem important or appealing.  Name the skills and sorts of knowledge each would require.

biomedical engineering

The cards also include their own activity suggestions. Here are a few more:

10-20 minute Activities

Distribute multiple packs of the cards to the class, with each card shared by a group of 2-3 students:

1. Discuss what the card tells you about this discipline.  What are its key aspects?

2. Debate the “Think About It” question. How many different answers can you come up with?

3. Design an advertising campaign to convince the class your discipline is the best! List three reasons why and develop a catchy slogan.

4. Take turns holding up your cards and having classmates describe the key aspects and inventions – did they identify the important points?

5. Pair up with another group that could collaborate well with your discipline.  What kinds of projects could you work on together?

Online Extension:  Explore the “Pick a Major” section of the eGfi magazine.  What more did you learn?

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