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A Techie Approach to Music


Music is the one thing that all students love. But there’s also a big and growing technical element to music that will also likely pique their interest — and possibly give them new career options. That’s why computers and technology have become an important part of music and band classes at Arizona’s Pima School District, the Eastern Arizona Courier reports. Michael Bradley, music teacher and band director for the the district’s junior and senior schools, says that technology is such a huge part of the music industry today that he felt he would be remiss not to make it central to his classes. Moreover, the paper notes, Bradley also says technology opens doors to the music industry to students who love music but can’t play or sing a note. “They may never be a performer, but there’s a ton of different career opportunities in the technical side of music.” All Pima schools are filled with Apple iMac desktops and each teacher has an Apple laptop. Macs, of course, come equipped with Garage Band software, and Bradley uses it to instruct his students in music composition. For instance, students can take some of the many instrumental and beat tracks in Garage Band and create a song. Or they can learn how to make backing tracks for vocal groups. Rock and Roll High School, indeed.

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