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7th Graders Create Animation Videos

Animating in Class

Seventh-grade technology education students in Hampton, Va., are learning to create animation videos using a webcam, software and clay, the Newport News Daily Press reports.

In one, a pink man stands at the top of a green cliff when suddenly, the cliff begins to collapse. It slowly caves in on the man, who ends up buried in a pile of rubble at the bottom.

Sims Middle School teacher Terry Beddow has the class research, design and create a five- to 10-minute episode for a hypothetical TV show on the “Animation Creation Station.” That includes creating a storyboard, script, animated characters and digital imagery.

Beddow said he’s seen a lot of violence and fighting themes in the story lines and had to put a limit on how graphic the stories could get. There are also cutesie story lines, such as a family getting ready to go out in the snow by donning scarves and hats.

“I’m not dictating how creative they are,” Beddow said. “They’re only limited by their imagination.”

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