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Feature: Ready, Set, Roll Out the Robots!

The Day the Earth Stood StillWhat’s not to love about robots? They explore space, conduct surgery, and inspire movie fans and aspiring engineers alike. The second annual National Robotics Week rolls out April 9. What is your school doing to celebrate?

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Ohio Law More Anti-Union Than Wisconsin’s

Pro-Union ProtestorWisconsin’s labor battle gained national attention after nearly 100,000 people, including educators, rallied in the capital to protest a bill to curb public-sector collective bargaining. Meanwhile, with far less fanfare, Ohio’s legislature approved a bill that is perhaps even tougher on unions and gives school boards and city councils a free hand to unilaterally impose their side’s final contract offer.

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Ripple Effect of Teacher Layoffs

ChairSchool districts nationwide are bracing for potentially deep cuts in their teaching ranks. While many may fare better than projected, each layoff causes a chaotic ripple of staff reshuffling as senior educators “bump” more junior teachers from their classrooms, forcing thousands to change schools, grades, or subjects.

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Algebra II for All?

Algebra IIMany students consider Algebra II a complex course with scant real-world value. Yet, of all of the classes offered in high school, it is the leading predictor of college and work success. In recent years, 20 states and the District of Columbia have raised graduation requirements to include Algebra II. Now, researchers wonder if that’s such smart policy.

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