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Wisconsin’s Lessons in Democracy

ProtestsTeachers marching on the state capital. Legislators ducking out of town to stall a vote rather than let the governor abolish collective bargaining. For more than a week, mass demonstrations by public employees in Madison, Wisc., have given the nation a riveting a lesson in democracy — one that promises to continue now that educators have, at their union leader’s urging, returned to their classrooms.

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Feature: Peril in Small Places

Things Made with NanotechnologyMore and more consumer products are being developed using super-small particles, but is it safe? This article examines the steps scientists are taking to try and find an answer, including research being done that has already shown some startling and complicated results.

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Lesson: Explore the Nano in Sunblock

sunblockIn this quick, hands-on lesson, students in grades K-12 compare sunblock containing nanoparticles to those that do not and learn how nanoparticles are used to help block harmful rays from the sun.

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An App for STEM Aptitude?

In baseball, batters aim to “hit ’em where they ain’t.” In education, writes Autodesk executive Joe Astroth in a new Huffington Post blog, smart phones and other portable technology can connect students to learning after school and “teach ”em where they are.”

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Teachers’ Summer: Nanotechnology at Stanford. July 18-22

Stanford University’s Center for Probing the Nanoscale (CPN) offers a one-week Summer Institute for Middle School Teachers. Daily sessions focus on content lectures and inquiry-based modules that explicitly address California’s 5-8th grade physical science content standards. Teachers will also receive a hands-on activity classroom kit with many fun activities that bring nanoscience into the classroom. Dates: July 18-22, 2011. Eligibility: Middle School teachers, grades 5-8. Stipend: $650, plus professional development units. Application deadline: May 1 , 2011.

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Engineers Month Giveaway #3


This week’s contest is now closed – stay tuned for next week!

It’s that time again – yup, the one you’ve all been waiting for – our 3rd weekly eGFI Engineers Month Giveaway!

In honor of National Engineers Week, eGFI will be giving away free packs of colorful, laminated eGFI cards for your classroom.

And because we love engineering so much, we’re extending the celebration all month and will be giving away one pack of our popular cards every week in February, 2011.

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Engineers Week

Young EngineersThe annual Engineers Week is the cornerstone program of the National Engineers Week Foundation, which strives to be the global leader in cultivating and celebrating the engineering profession. The 2011 Engineers Week is February 20-26.

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Feature: Geek Girl Pride

Geek GirlSoftware engineer Sarah Blow enlists other female techies in events to promote engineering girl power. Thus was born Girl Geek Dinners, a networking organization for women in technology that’s since gone global.

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Activity: Paper Cup Challenge

Paper CupsIn this lesson, students in grades 5 through 8 are challenged to redesign the classic paper cup so that no tape, glue, or staples are necessary, reducing production costs and the cost of individual paper cups. Each pair of students will be given a stack of paper to design a new paper container that can hold water for a short period of time.

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