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Contest: Energy and Water Efficiency. March 4, 2011

ice_banner_logoIgniting Creative Energy is a national student challenge to motivate learning, ignite the imagination, and fuel students’ creative potential. Students are invited to participate by creating create a project that can communicate their ideas about energy and water efficiency via a science project, essay, story, artwork, photograph, music, video or web site project. Prizes include a trip to Washington, DC. and $1,000 for the winning school. Submission Deadline: March 4, 2011.

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Website: Experiments from Cornell

classroom2The Cornell Center for Materials Research offers excellent education resources for teachers, including Lending Library of Experiments, with science and engineering lesson plans and activity sheets. Teachers in the area can borrow kits associated with these activities, free of charge, and arrange classroom and lab visits for their students.

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Experts: Overhaul Teacher Prep

Teacher TrainingAn panel convened by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education is calling for an overhaul of teacher preparation in the United States, with training programs operating more like medical schools and setting tougher admission and graduation standards.

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Teens Grasp Value of Math and Science

Teen StudentA survey commissioned by Intel finds that, “contrary to perceptions that American teenagers are apathetic about math and science, students highly value the importance of these subjects and understand the role of math and science to their futures.”

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Essay Contest: How to Protect the Planet?

green_pencils352The Carnegie Council announces its second Annual Student Essay Competition. The essay question: How would you improve your school so that it prepares future leaders to protect the planet? and a copy of Ethics & International Affairs: A Reader. This year, the competition is open to teachers as well as students. Prizes include $250 – $75 Amazon Gift certificate.Deadline: December 31, 2010.

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Student Videoconference: The Science of Harry Potter

COSI logoCOSI science museum is holding a school video conference, Dec. 14, 2010 for students in grades 3-6, to explore the science behind the Harry Potter Magic. Cost: $165 per school.

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Feature: Honoring Inca Engineering

Machu PicchuKnown as “the lost city of the Inca,” Machu Piccu was constructed sometime around 1450, and is often recognized as an archaeological site of great cultural significance. But the Incas were also remarkable engineers.

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Activity: Catapult Marshmallow Launch

MashmallowsThis simple catapult activity for students in grades 4 – 8 teaches them how energy is transferred when a plastic spoon is pulled back, then released, rocketing its payload — a single marshmallow.

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Website: Museum of Ancient Inventions

ancientwheelsHelp students connect to the past by having them view the Virtual Museum of Ancient Inventions, which displays helpful information on remarkable innovations from the distant past, such as the Aztec calendar wheels, the loom, the steam engine, the catapulut — and even eyeliner!

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