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‘Drive to Design’ Video Series

SolidWorksSolidWorks, which develops 3D design software, has put together a series of videos and interactive graphics intended to interest students in engineering and design. Students are encouraged to think of new ways to design products — a bunk bed, for instance. The site also includes first-person accounts of what drew young men and women to engineering.

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Competition: 2011 Siemens Change the World Challenge

The Siemens We Can Change the World Challenge gives students the opportunity, tools and inspiration to become agents of change. Through March 15, 2010, elementary and middle school classes across the country will be challenged to create sustainable, reproducible environmental improvements in their classroom or school. Top prizes will include a chance to appear on TV, a grant for the sponsoring school, a trip to New York City for the teacher, and more.

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Website: Snowflakes and Snow Crystals

snowflake1The SnowCrystals Website is maintained by Kenneth Libbrecht, chairman of the Physics Department at Caltech, who describes it as being “all about snow crystals and snowflakes — what they are, where they come from, and just how these remarkably complex and beautiful structures are created, quite literally, out of thin air.

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Competition: TEAMS at Arizona State U., Feb. 17, 2011

teams_verticalArizona State University will sponsor a TEAMS competition for students in grades 9-12, Thursday, February 17, 2011. TEAMS (Test of Engineering Aptitude, Math and Science) is an annual theme‐based competition that gives students the chance to discover engineering through the practical applications of math and science. Students become part of the action as they answer engineering questions about everyday world challenges. The 2011 Challenge centers around the need to develop dependable, resourceful and economical, forms of energy.

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Outreach and Website: Snow School

snowschoolSnowSchool is a winter ecology education program that aims to expose children to the fun and wonder of their winter environment. SnowSchool sites include unspoiled national forests, nordic ski areas, regional parks, vibrant nature centers and preserves, colleges, universities, and some of the nation’s most spectacular national parks. Visitors to the online site can find snow-related lesson plans, a page on snow science, and links to other websites.

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Activity: Grow A Crystal Snowflake

snowflake2Students in grades 5-8 create shimmering snowflakes using a simple chemical process. They supersaturate hot water with borax, then suspend a pipe cleaner shape in the liquid, allowing the crystals to form overnight.

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Event: Science & Math Conference, Cornell U. Middle School Girls. April 30, 2011

BalloonExpanding Your Horizons (EYH) is a one-day conference at Cornell University, April 16, 2011, to encourage middle school girls to pursue careers in science and math. Girls participate in workshops organized by Cornell students and faculty with hands-on activities, meeting female scientist role models and gaining awareness of opportunities in math and science-related careers.

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Website: All About Snow, Ice, Glaciers

icebergsThe Education Center of the National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado at Boulder, hosts several Web pages with information on snow, ice, glaciers, frozen ground, and the cryosphere — those regions of Earth that remain permanently frozen year-round. Visit the website to learn about the basics and ongoing research; view image galleries; and read about recent expeditions.

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Web Resources: Lessons for Winter

800px-Snowman_on_frozen_lake“The Science of Winter,” from the National Science Digital Library, is a collection of activities, lessons, interactives, images, and other content that demonstrate scientific aspects of winter.

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