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Website: Northrop Grumman Teacher Resources

Galileo Teacher Training ProgramEngineering company Northrop Grumman provides a number of professional development and class resources for teachers, including the Weightless Flights of Discovery Program, which allows teachers to experience microgravity; the EarthWatch Educator Program where teachers participate in an expedition focused on climate change or oceans preservation; the Galileo Teacher Training Program, which involves workshops using telescopic investigations; and more.

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FCC to Overhaul E-Rate Program

Working on a ComputerSchools and public libraries in poor and rural communities may soon get a faster and lower-cost way to hook up to the Internet as part of an overhaul of the federal E-Rate program. An anticipated FCC order would let them use federal dollars to buy unused communications lines.

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Website: NASA Quest

NASA QuestThe NASA Quest Website offers a range of online resources for teachers, students, parents, and others, so that the public can share the excitement of NASA’s authentic scientific and engineering pursuits, like flying in the Shuttle and the International Space Station, exploring distant planets with spacecraft, and building the aircraft of the future.

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Program: The STEM Academy

STEM AcademyThe STEM Academy is a national non-profit education program designed to improve STEM literacy for students. The curriculum prepares students through comprehensive student assessment including traditional tests, project-based learning presentations, and portfolios. The Academy also offers a grant fund for high schools.

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On the Path to Stronger Math

Teaching MathMath teachers who want to refine their teaching methods might want to check out a new volume of articles that presents the latest research findings for improving math education. Published by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the articles are jargon-free and include references and a handy use guide.

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Cutting-Edge Tech Pours into U.S. Classrooms

A Student Uses an Interactive WhiteboardThe debate over the efficacy of classroom technology continues, but so does the onslaught of new devices. Some cutting-edge technologies may soon be wending their way to American schools, via South Korea. One example? A robot with a screen in its tummy that displays lecture videos.

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White House Panel: Hire 100,000 STEM Teachers

White HouseA presidential advisory panel is calling for the federal government to recruit and train 100,000 “great STEM teachers” over the next decade, recognize a master corps of the best educators, and create 1,000 schools devoted to science, technology, engineering and math.

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Feature: High Spire Act

Jonathan FoyleIn Scaling Britain, a new BBC TV program on English engineering and architecture, Jonathan Foyle clambers up iconic buildings to explore such intriguing topics as the physics of flying buttresses, and the materials science of stained glass.

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Website: Science is Fun!

sif_chemists_28feb06The Science is Fun! website is supported by The U.S. House of Representatives Committe on Science and Technology, offering numerous helpful links to government and commercial websites offering games, information, science fair ideas, and lesson plans.

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