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Engineer’s Week Bridge Building Contest

The Northeast Indiana Engineers Week Committee and the Anthony Wayne Chapter of the Indiana Society of Professional Engineers holds their annual Student Bridge Competitions for middle and high school students on Feb. 13 and Feb. 20 respectively. Students build a variety of different bridge models, and then their designs are tested by applying weight loads.

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Feature: Emergency Response

This article from Prism magazine explores the work of “crisis engineers,” who bring needed skills and order to disaster zones, easing victims’ plight with water, shelter, and sanitation systems.

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Web Resources: How Earthquakes Occur

The Incorporated Research Institutes for Seismology (IRIS) offers resources for teachers wishing to help their students better understand why devastating earthquakes like the one that recently struck Haiti happen. The “Teachable moments” page features presentations (including an excellent power point slide show), animations, posters, images, video, general information, programs, resources in Spanish, news, and more.

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Website: Evolution Resources

The National Academies of Sciences Evolution Resources Web page features a collection of books, reports, statements, papers, and articles about evolution, as well as provide an excellent list of scientific definitions.

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Lesson: Save Our City!

Tornado by NOAAStudents learn about various natural hazards and specific methods engineers use to prevent these hazards from becoming natural disasters. They study a hypothetical map of an area covered with natural hazards and decide where to place natural disaster prevention devices by applying their critical thinking skills and an understanding of the causes of natural disasters.

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Website: Evolution of Evolution

The Evolution of Evolution Website celebrates 150 years of Charles Darwin’s “Origin of the Species,” with a flash report featuring video and audio interviews with scholars; an interactive time-line; introduction to Darwin’s life and work; a list of related Websites; and downloadable pdfs suitable for classroom use.

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Lesson: Extra DNA from a Banana

(Lesson courtesy PBS and … **check science buddies for their descript. of dna activity Overview Students extract DNA from bananas. Learning Objectives Students will be able to: understand that DNA is in living and once-living things. explain how DNA can be extracted from plant matter. describe DNA’s physical appearance. Standards National Science Education Grades […]

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Event: Fermilab Family Open House, IL

The 2010 Fermilab Family Open House, held on the site of the U.S. National Accelerator Laboratory, is intended to teach children about the world of physics. Held in Batavia Illinois, just outside Chicago, the event is most appropriate for children in grades 3 and up, with tours restricted to adults and children age 10 and up.

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Website: Keeping Cybersafe

SAFE-Net, a Cyber Safety Awareness program of the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, focuses on raising the awareness of students, parents, and educators about cyber threats, measures of protection, and cyber ethics. The website provides materials about cyber security issues, with lessons geared to grades 1-3, 4-6, and 7-12.

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